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Walleyes Chicago: Boats needed for Vet's Fishing Day

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Capt. John Mannerino sent an urgent plea for boaters to help with Vet's Fishing Day on Sept. 15.

Here's the note from Mannerino:

On Sept 15th we are having our 3rd annual vets fishing day. We are being overwhelmed with vets wanting to go fishing and we need more boaters to take them out. Currently we have 21 boats and 36 vets. Jessie Brown VA hosp in Chicago wants to bring up to 30 vets and I hate to turn them away but don't have room in boats for them. These are not patients just vets involved in the recreation division and are able to get in and out of boats fine. I need to reach out to everybody I know to see if they can get the word out to see if I can get some people to help us out. Our registration closes on Sept 1st. For more info, it`s up on our website. or 773-631-7684.

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John, I will give up my seat as a rider and just volunteer if need be to put another vet in a fishing spot. eszfxv

Thank you Dale for putting this up. So far we are not having to turn anybody away as we had some people sign up as boaters. The more boaters we can get the more vets we can take out.

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