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Wild of the Week: Stormy squirrel

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Ken Gortowski photographed this squirrel two days after the violent storm the night of June 29 in Yorkville.


The squirrel looks frightened and has a wound on it.

Gortowski thought with good reason.

He emailed:

We think he was living in one of the trees that got pretty beat up. He's acting a bit lost. My wife knows them all by sight and has given them names.

That was pretty fresh blood. Big stuff is still hanging in what's left of some of the trees. He probably made a mistake and walked on one of them.

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He's healed up pretty well and is back to normal, eating like a pig again.

The tree guys are coming out today to take out what's left of the two big trees in my backyard. The one on a 45 degree angle is hollow and has had families of squirrels and coons living in it.

Will be interesting to see what happens...

Hi Dale , never seen one in the wild ,probably only saw one at zoo or maybe at Little Red Schoolhouse but i was in my backyard in Bridgeview at about 91st and Harlem and there was a groundhog running around in my neighbors back yard . Sorry i did not have enough time to take a picture, but both my son and i saw it. Did not think they were even in our area. O well with coyotes ,hawks and other wild animals we see they are taking back their areas,

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