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Ramble with Storm: Frontal boundaries

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stormtight.jpg Mulling things on my morning ramble

with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

As promised by the black wind clouds on the northwest horizon, the cold front dropped through as the meathead and I set off on our morning ramble.

At least I assumed they were wind clouds--and they were--though there is rain behind them.

Winds were light and variable as we set out, primarily south and southwest, if I judged right.

Then the first dark cloud, indicative of the frontal boundary, passed overhead and the wind shifted strongly to the northeast.

By that point, we were on the back side of the town pond. On the other side of the town pond, weather or no weather change, a big bullfrog croaked.

Then the front officially came through and the wind went hard west and northwest. And I mean hard.

It reminded me of my younger days where I was more familiar with the Beaufort Wind Scale. I guessed 35-45 mph from the action of the trees and the giant dust and gravel clouds raised by the gusts.

Gravel grit blew into my eyes as we came back into town.

A small dead branch broke off the neighbor's maple as we neared our porch.

It was time.

We detoured into the lawn, keeping an eye out for more flying branches.

At home, I threw as many windows as possible wide open to let the air blow through, complete with papers flying.

Then checked the Beaufort Wind Scale online and found I was right.

For the 34-40 mph range, classified as a gale, came this apt description for on land: ``Twigs breaking off trees, generally impedes progress.''

Lights flickered. I hit save on the laptop every few sentences.

Of course, I found myself searching for the John Fogerty classic, ``Change in the Weather,'' on YouTube.

Oh, I found it.

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