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Low water & heat: A double whammy for rivers

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Click here for today's column about the impact of the low water levels and building heat on rivers around Chicago and fears of what is to come.


Streams biologist Bob Rung is worried because of what dead shorthead redhorse suckers signify.

I don't know if we had enough area-wide rain over the weekend to help or buy us a few days or not.

I have a feeling I will be writing about fish kills more than I want this summer.

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I only fish from Montgomery down. I mentioned to you before that I've seen no indications of fish kills down this way. Doesn't mean they aren't happening, just not noticeable.

Once you factor in the pool of a dam, the fish north of Aurora are very limited in where they can go. Down Yorkville way, thanks to the kayak chute, they have almost 40 miles of water to move around in. Plus the gradient is steeper down this way.

I knew there was a reason for being involved with all the dam removals years ago. We see how that turned out...

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