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WWW Chicago outdoors: Water values & weather

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Even by Chicago standards, it's been a wild week of weather with nearly a change of 50 degrees in high temperatures from last weekend to yesterday, and that certainly has an impact on this Wild Weekend Wandering around Chicago outdoors.

PADDLING: The regular season is here for Chicago River Canoe and Kayak and they have many options regularly, including the downtown paddle I keep meaning to do.

WADING: Despite the rain of yesterday, creeks and rivers around Chicago fishing didn't come up much if at all. In fact, some continued to fall. Ken Gortowski checked nearly all and said the Fox came up the most and that only brought it back to normal. He speculated the fresh flow of water could spark fishing. And the weather is supposed to moderate back closer to normal by the weekend. BTW, Gortowski, who is back to guiding again for waders with the Fox River Guide Service, recommended checking here for the USGS gauges in Illinois.

FREE FISHING WEEKEND: Wisconsin has its free fishing weekend Saturday and Sunday. . . . Indiana also has its free fishing weekend then, but it only applies to its residents.

WISCONSIN'S STATE PARK OPEN HOUSE: Wisconsin has its State Park Open House--free entrance--on Sunday. Click here for some of the associated activities.

ILLINOIS SALMON: Before the blow, there was just an unbelievable salmon bite going on for a couple weeks for boaters in Illinois. I am talking Chicago, Waukegan and North Point. We will have to see how it rebounds after the blow and where the good fish set up.

LAKEFRONT SMALLMOUTH: Full moon is Monday, which gives me hope. But I am not sure what the blow will do to it.

LAKEFRONT PERCH: I don't know what to say. Maybe the lake will settle enough by the weekend to restart the bite.

FREE FLY FISHING CLASS: Orvis is offering free fly fishing lessons weekly. Click here for details. Though it's free, you have to reserve a spot: Chicago Orvis at (312)587-8713; Lombard Orvis at (630) 932-6573 or Trout and Grouse in Northbrook at (847) 480-0111.

DALEY DERBY: In June, catfish, carp, perch, coho and chinook are the species for the Richard J. Daley Memorial Sport Fishing Derby. Check fish in at Henry's Sports & Bait or Park Bait. It runs through September with cash prizes for the heaviest three fish from selected species caught around Chicago fishing each month.

ARCHERY: On Sunday, there's an ``Archer Memorial Shoot,'' 900 round, at Chicago Archery Club at Washington Park. Practice starts at 9:30 a.m. Click here. . . . Archery Bow Range Chicago offers instruction.

PERSONAL PICKS: Wading will call me this weekend. If things go right, might even get in some swimming/wading with the kids in the Kankakee River. . . . If the perch come in, I will be on the lakefront this week. . . . Otherwise, I am doing some running around this week in prep for the first Chicago In-Water Boat Show next week at 31st Street Harbor. . . . The kids and I will do a hike on Sunday, just haven't decided where yet. . . . I still need to do a real day at Mazonia itch. . . . Otherwise, I am catching up my Outside radio show on WKCC-FM (91.1). I am enjoying pulling shows together. . . . Work nears the end on a writing project, sorta.

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