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WWW Chicago outdoors: Perch

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Perch came in this week and that leads this Wild Weekend Wandering around Chicago outdoors, as well it should at the end of June.


For boaters, the fishing in the weed beds of Navy Pier finally kicked in this week. Key is finding the weed beds. The bite should hold until the hated July closure begins.Mike Starcevich at Mike Fishing Tackle Outlet said some were caught in Cal Harbor, too beginning Thursday.

For shore fishermen, Montrose is the best option. But there are others. Carl Vizzone emailed Thursday evening, ``Perch fishing is on by the way, Burnham harbor is good early and late on the east side past the terminal.'' There's the mouth of Belmont and Diversey, too, according to Park Bait. Starcevich said they are getting some from shore at East Chicago Marina.

BERRIES: I am finding mulberries and raspberries, but they are much smaller and fewer than usual. And I am not the only one who has noted. But the wonderful time of year is here.

SALMON TALK: Fisheries biologist Brian Breidert speaks on salmon stockings at the Salmon Unlimited of Indiana meeting at East Chicago Marina at 7:30 p.m. Monday. A reduction in stockings in Indiana could have a great impact on local fishing.

SHABBONA LAKE WALLEYE OPEN: Denny Sands claims that 2012 is the best walleye fishing ever at Shabbona Lake, and I would tend to side with him. Well, Lakeside's walleye open was moved from April to Saturday to take advantage of the June walleye weed bite. Heaviest walleye earns a $100 gift card from Cabela's Outdoors. Click here for details .

WADING: Rivers are low, even the Kankakee, which shot up after 7 plus inches of rain in parts of Kankakee County on Saturday. But even it is rapidly coming down to near normal pool, according to daily reports from Norm Minas. Other local rivers are low or even very low.

Ken Gortowski, who is back to guiding again for waders with the Fox River Guide Service, recommended checking here for the USGS gauges in Illinois.

ILLINOIS SALMON: The great salmon fishing just keeps going from Chicago to North Point. This is a year to do a charter.

FAMILY OUTSIDE: Saturday is the Day to R.E.A.C.T. (Restoration and Education for Adults and Children Together) at Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie in Wilmington. It's free and for those 7 and older from 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

BULLFROGGING IN ILLINOIS: And yes, that subtitle is having a little fun with Trout Fishing in America, as I give away my age and tangential interests. Here is the general words on bullfrogging:

A sport fishing license is required to take bull-frogs. Bullfrogs may be taken by hand, pole and line fishing methods, pitchfork, landing net, bow and arrow or bow and arrow device, spear or gig. Firearms, air guns, gas guns or commercial fishing devices such as dip nets, hoop nets, traps or seines are not allowed in the taking of bullfrogs. Bullfrogs may be taken from June 15 to August 31 (both days inclusive). The daily limit is 8 bullfrogs with 16 bullfrogs being the possession limit.

DALEY DERBY: In June, catfish, carp, perch, coho and chinook are the species for the Richard J. Daley Memorial Sport Fishing Derby. Check fish in at Henry's Sports & Bait. It runs through September with cash prizes for the heaviest three fish from selected species caught around Chicago fishing each month.

ILLINOIS HUNTING PERMITS: The second lottery for firearm and muzzleloader-only deer season runs through Saturday. Click here . . . The first lottery for fall turkey (residents only) runs through July 2. Click here. . . . Through July 3, free dove hunting site applications for the first lottery are available. Click here.

ARCHERY: Archery Bow Range Chicago offers instruction.

PERSONAL PICKS: On Monday, I am fishing the rescheduled Gary Zilian Memorial tournament out of Diversey Harbor on Monday with Capt. Bill Kelly on Leprechaun charters. . . . Don't know what the family hike will be yet. . . . Keeping an eye on the Kankakee, might try to wade in this weekend if it keeps dropping. . . . Otherwise, I am catching up my Outside radio show on WKCC-FM (91.1). I am enjoying pulling shows together. . . . Work nears the end on a writing project, sorta.

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