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Ramble with Storm: Herons & there

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stormtight.jpg Mulling things on my morning ramble

with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

Not sure what brought them in to the town pond this morning, but three different great blue herons lifted off from the shoreline as the meathead and I passed.

They took off with all the grace of a cargo plane taking off on a grass landing strip.

Because I am this kind of guy, I wondered if something--crayfish, frogs or fish fry--had come in shallow, then somehow word went out on the heron network (Beakbook?) that the town pond is the place to eat and meet.

Or were there easier explanations?

Such as I was out much earlier than normal at around 5 a.m. Or they are always there, but on the back side of the town pond where nobody goes and therefore are not noticed?

I heard several bullfrogs croaking, so my guess leaned toward them hunting frogs.

Which is apparently easier than I remember it being from being a kid.

Last week, our 7-year-old stalked a good-sized bullfrog and caught him. I couldn't believe it. I kept expecting the bullfrog to leap before my son's hand flew out and grabbed it.

Life has its mysteries. And I am willing to embrace them.

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