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Fish of the Week: Walleye and carp

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It's been good for 14-year-old fishermen catching what's there, good enough for a double down on both a Chicago fish and a north suburban one.

FOTW06-27-12walleye.jpg FOTW06-27-12.PNG

About 9 p.m. last Friday, Johnny D'Amico caught a 25-inch walleye from a lake outside of Antioch.

``My son was so excited to get this fish,'' his father John D'Amico emailed. ``We measured the fish and took pictures and released it back and hope to catch it another day!''

Last month, near the junction of the North Shore Channel and the North Branch of the Chicago River, Julio Liberman caught a beautiful carp.

``So much for strategy--even though we have a tackle box FULL of carp bait and other stuff, he caught it with a half-inch of earthworm stuck on a little No. 6 red jig-head,'' his dad Noah Liberman emailed. ``We wonder if it was the red head that did the trick.''

It was about 27 inches and eight pounds.

``We're used to yanking panfish out of there, so we're not good at guesstimates for bigger ones,'' Liberman emailed.

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