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Wild of the Week: Moth on the fast track

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Last week, Pat Fosnacht emailed me about this moth.


``As I was reading the article about the Kentucky Derby in the Sun-Times, this moth landed on the newspaper; it had a 6-inch wingspan, and was like a butterfly on steroids! Enjoy!'' the Yorkville man emailed.

Oh, I enjoy stuff like that. I enjoy even more finding stories about it.

So I emailed Carl Strang, a naturalist with the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County and author of the guide, "Singing Insects of the Chicago Region."

He emailed back,

"That is a newly emerged cecropia moth. The caterpillars grow all summer on leaves of various tree species, then form a cocoon in which they overwinter in the pupa stage, emerging usually in May. The adults do not feed. Males follow female pheromones to find mates, females lay their eggs on selected trees. One generation per year."

BTW, if you want a copy of "Singing Insects of the Chicago Region," email Strange at

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