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Ramble with Storm: Mulberries & mulling

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stormtight.jpg Mulling things on my morning ramble

with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

In one day, a mulberry tree relatively out in the open popped berries. Just little red hard ones.

It's in the far corner of a field I pass when I do my extended ramble with the meathead. Yesterday, it just had buds, this morning, the red tiny fruit was easily spotted.

I find this stuff fascinating.

There's a plethora of mulberry trees around the town pond and the old rail bed above it. None of them even had visible buds. I'm sure they had some sort of buds, just not noticeable ones.

Spring signs pile up.

In only a couple weeks, the goslings have grown absurdly large. Some of the early ones have grown to a quarter of the size of the adults, just since mid-April.

Some of these things make up for an otherwise odd spring. I suspect much of that oddness had to do with the historic heat in March.

Things got screwed up.

I found zero morel mushrooms, as in none, this spring.

So far, I have found lots of wild asparagus, but all of it is woody.

I keep looking.

Looking for some balance.

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