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Ramble with Storm: Early goslings

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stormtight.jpg Mulling things on my morning ramble

with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

A flash of white and brown disappeared around the corner of the town pond. My eyes are less than they once were, so I assumed it was a rabbit or maybe an evil feral cat.

Then they floated past. A Canada goose pair looked to have about three or four goslings protectively hidden between them.

I knew things would be early. This is more than a week early from last year. I first spotted goslings last year on April 28 on the town pond.

A week or so early seems about right for goslings. Our youngest son spotted our family's first goslings on Sunday on a pond we passed on the way home from church.

Last week, Kankakee birder Jed Hertz reported his first goslings on IBET, the Illinois birders list. Hertz, a meticulous record keeper, said they were his earliest goslings by nine days.

That seems about right for our historically early spring.

Now if only I could be as fortunate with finding morel mushrooms and wild asparagus early, too.

Neither of my two prime morel spots have produced anything. And I have checked several of my asparagus spots without success.

That will change. Spring comes on.

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Did you get to read my latest one about being attacked by a goose?

I've been chased before by nesting geese which is no big deal, but this was easily the most aggressive.

It's called Fun with Wildlife. Odd sense of what fun is.

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