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IHSA bass fishing: Recognizing my younger self

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Chris Walter looked at me, then laughed with recognition.

The sectionals for the fourth statewide IHSA bass fishing state championship were held Friday. Well, a couple were postponed by weather, namely the first one at Braidwood and LaSalle.

Back to Walter.

He attends Lemont High School. It was either last year or the year before, Walter bagged school to fish the opener of Braidwood Lake.

I bumped into him near the parking lot while he was fishing from shore. Then mentioned him in a Sun-Times column and a friend texted that I would get the kid in trouble.

To the credit of LHS officials, Walter did not get in trouble. He said a couple teachers gave him the business, but there was no official repercussions.

I am nearly 40 years older than Walter, so it is probably hard for him to realize, that I completely understood bagging school to fish. I did it to hunt and fish both, sometimes with and sometimes without parental permission, and I've turned out all right.

Well, today, I was covering the IHSA bass fishing sectionals. When Braidwood was blown off by weather, I went to Heidecke. Lemont happened to be there.

I was not only covering it for the Sun-Times, but for the SouthtownStar and the Joliet Herald-News.

Lemont was the only team overlapping with STS area, so I needed to do a separate story with them.

And I had to talk with the two Lemont teams.

They caught a bunch of fish, but only two keeper bass.

Walter and Jake Lepczynski finished eighth with two bass weighing 2.42 pounds.

While they only caught two keeper bass, they also caught a quality 21-inch walleye, broke off a big muskie by the boat and landed a nice drum.

``But it was a tough bass day,'' Walter said.

He didn't seem overly devastated.

It was fishing.

There's a guy I hope I bump into once a year or so.

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