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WWW Chicago outdoors: Maritime festival to spring coho to sheds

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For writing this on a gray sloppy February morning, there are plenty of options in this Wild Weekend Wandering around Chicago outdoors.

No, the Dale in the YouTube video is not me, but refers to Felicia Dale. She is performing Nasty Nell with William Pint at the 2011 Chicago Maritime Festival last February at the Chicago History Museum. This year's festival is Saturday.

SHOWTIME: Once again, there's truly an eclectic mix of shows.

The one I find most fascinating is the Chicago Maritime Festival on Saturday at the Chicago History Museum.

The Spring Fishing Classic is at the Bass Pro Shops (Gurnee, Bolingbrook and Portage, Ind.) begins today and runs through March 11. This weekend local pros give a multitude of tips and seminars.

The biggest to-do is in Indianapolis with the Indianapolis Boat, Sport and Travel Show continuing Sunday at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. It is one of the last 10-day shows in the country. The vendors I know who attend call it the best show. I had hoped to make it last weekend, but didn't; and I doubt if I can this weekend.

COHO: Coho fishing on southern Lake Michigan took off this week. Some days boaters were taking easy and quick limits out of Indiana; other days were tough. It's spring. Mik-Lurch report some limits from shore at East Chicago Marina. Powerliners in Chicago are at least getting some, depending on the day. On the Michigan side, Tyler Harmon said they were scattered from South Haven to Michigan City.

SHED HUNTING: It's that's time. The family unit will put in some time this weekend looking for shed antlers. So far, I hear poor reports, which makes me wonder if it is because of the mild winter.

BIG MUSKIE FUNDRAISER: On Saturday, the Fox River Valley chapter of Muskies Inc. holds its fourth annual banquet, with $40,000 in prizes and fundraisers, at Chandler's at Schaumburg Golf Club.

DUCKS UNLIMITED BANQUET: The Chain O'Lakes chapter holds its banquet tonight at Maravela's in Fox Lake. Contact Frank Lemcke at (262) 909-6130; or Bill Beckmeyer at (630) 697-6533.

ARCHERY: Chicago Bowhunters Club in Bolingbrook has their Frozen Foot 3D Shoot this weekend. It's open to the public.

Archery Bow Range Chicago offers instruction.

ICE FISHING: You're going to have head north, especially with the heavy snow that socked McHenry and Lake counties this morning.

PERSONAL PICKS: I am knocking out a bunch of writing work today, though I might sneak in an hour of so of shed hunting. . . . There is a chance I might take the kids to the Chicago Maritime Festival. My wife and I are still kicking that around. . . . I am back into the swing of my Outside radio show on WKCC-FM (91.1), for which I am soloing now. I am enjoying pulling shows together.

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