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Ramble with Storm: Weather of the Weird

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stormtight.jpg Mulling things on my morning ramble

with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

So, I heard pounding on the office door. Groggily, I tried to pull myself awake some time before midnight.

And I started wondering, ``How the hell did David lock himself in the office?

My wife grumbled, ``It's Storm. He's scared.''

That freak thunderstorm last night must have awakened him and put him in a frenzy of fright. Or maybe he thought he needed to get out to rescue the family from some evil?

I don't know.

All, I knew is I needed to pad downstairs and calm him down.

And, no, before you ask, he doesn't get to sleep with us. He doesn't get the concept of sleeping with us.

He's a face-licker. He's a covers-stealer. He's a slider-around.

He's a meathead.

So I petted him and talked with him enough to calm him down a bit. Then putzed around for a few minutes so he realized I wasn't overly excited. So he knew the family was safe.

Once he calmed down enough to curl back up on the futon, I went back to bed.

This morning the snow was gone, other than piles along the edges.

That's about as fast as I have seen half a foot of snow go away.

Yesterday afternoon, there was enough that my daughter and her friends spent a couple hours sledding.

Now, back to soggy earth.

Amazingly quiet this morning as the meathead and I circled the town ponds.

With the meltdown, I suspect the hundreds of Canada geese in the area must have headed back north.

Ice on the town ponds looked borderline at best and covered with a couple inches of water.

I was shedding my gray stocking cap and my gloves less than half a mile in.

Back in town, the thermometer on the bank said 44. It felt every bit as balmy as that.

What kind of non-winter is this?

Signs of the end?

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the warm stuff didn't last, gone by noon out on the river. the wind that blew in the cold had large whitecaps pushing upstream. at least the warm and the rain did the "plowing" for the IDNR. Thet finally reopened some access areas, some of which had been closed since the previous snow.

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