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Illinois fishing: IDNR on The Alabama Rig, etc.

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There's been a lot of questions about the legality of The Alabama Rig and the many knockoffs of multi-lure presentations--hottest things at the outdoors shows this winter--in Illinois.

I meant to post this before. The IDNR sent this response when I asked earlier this month for a clarification:

The standard answer to the legality of this rig in Illinois waters is that it is legal except if used on those bodies of water that have a 2 pole and line only limitation. On these waters, only 2 hooks or lures may be used per line. The Alabama rig uses 5 hooked lures, thus making it illegal unless only 2 hooked lures are used on the rig.

If the Alabama rig or any other similar variation is used for trolling, then only 2 hooked lures can be used in order to comply with the trolling law (515 ILCS5/10-130) which states "It shall be unlawful for any individual to troll for fish with more than 3 poles and lines with no more than 2 hooks of 2 lures attached to each device."

I find it fascinating how many versions I have seen already just two weeks into the winter show season around Chicago outdoors.

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Which lakes or rivers have a 2 pole limit? I am a huge fishermen and can not find it on any website that have lake specific rules and reg.

It is listed under the extensive site-specific pages in the Illinois Fishing regulations, starting on something like pag 7 and running for more than 20 pages. It is listed alphabetically

John, you must not be very observant, pretty common actually.

When you goto any IL park , state or whatnot, fishing regulations are always in the little brown stands, usually with map and trail information.

the signs are usually a bright yellow with the black outlines of the fish.

they will always state site regulations, size limits, as well as creel and pole counts.

BE careful, the amount of power IL Park rangers have is INSANE!

I have had a friend have his car,trailer,boat,tackle,fish,lines,and almost all his gear collected as "evidence" before. they DO not mess around.

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