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Chicago fishing: Don Dubin to Muskies Inc. Hall of Fame

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Don Dubin is going into the Muskies Inc. Hall of Fame.


I got the word yesterday that the Lincolnwood man received his latest honor.

It's another deserving one for a man involved early on in salmon and muskie introductions in Illinois.

Don is a man of many interests in fishing, including his world-class wood carvings.

Yes, I kinow that is not a muskie above, but a bluegill. I couldn't find any muskie related photos in my files with Don.

I think the formal honoring of him will be done at the Feb. 14 meeting of the Chicagoland Muskie Hunters chapter of Muskies Inc.

More on that when the official word comes.

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I started fishing the Chicago park system lagoons in the 50"s. Bass fishing was exceptional. I ran into Don Dubin and Carl Rosenstein at Garfield park one day and it started a few years of great fishing together. Don introduced me to the great fishing available on the Kankakee river as well.

I recall one "clean up week" trip we made to the Fox chain of lakes. Don, fishing the shore at the lake outlet, caught a string of largemouth that, as far as I can recall, must have gone at least 6 to 7 pounds each.

God bless him and Carl for sticking with their passion. I envey both of them for this and admire the work Don has done in the field.

Russ Franklin

My father raised our family in hayward Wisconsin, so you can imagine what my
favorite past time was and still is..... Fishing! Me and my Husband met Don by
chance while fishing at busse forest preserve.Little did I know I was about to
meet such an amazing person. He introduced himself and told me who he was.
He noticed me fishing and said "Can I give you a tip" I said sure. Little did I know
I learned several new ways to catch fish that I never knew about. My Father was
a hall of famer in Hayward Wisconsin, Don sure brought back alot of great memories!

Thank you Don.

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