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Chicago fishing: TranX debuts at Chicago Muskie Show

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Among the notes from the Chicago Muskie Show as the buzz over the public debut of the TranX reel, best suited for burning big bucktails.


I have to admit the appeared to do the job on burning the big bucktails like the Cowgirls at the pool.

John Ryan, far right in photo, gave them a good recommendation, but was still weighing it was good enough to justify the half a grand price tag.

It was nice to see Shimano pull out the stops and have half a dozen people at its booth.


Unexpected highlight for me was bumping into Steve Fiorio. The Indiana man was showing his topwaters in the Innovative Tackle Solutions booth. Included was a protype monster topwater, tentatively called ``The Howitzer.''

I busted up some of Fiorio's buddies when I called him my hero. Fiorio latched into a monster 16-inch-plus yellow perch in 2010.


Good to see Jim Saric inducted into the Hall of Fame.


Javier Serna, Ken ``The Lakefront Lip'' Schneider, Spence Petros, Chad Cain, Ed Haagenson, Steve Statland, Lyn Shuster, Chae Dolsen, Frank Hyla, yes an eclectic mix of people I bumped into.

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Hope you are able to attend the Hall of Fame Banquet on February 9th. Let me know and I will have a couple of tickets for you at the door.

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