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Wolves: Illinois' initial response

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Joe Kath, endangered species manager for Illinois, put the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announcment on Wednesday about wolves in the western Great Lakes within the Illinois perspective.

He said, ``This ruling seems to be `just in time' with the recent influx of wolf sightings in Illinois. The wolf still remains on the Illinois E&T list as `State Threatened' and is afforded all measures pursuant to the Illinois Endangered Species Protection Act.''

If I read this right, wolves remain protected, but the USFWS's changes will open management options.

It is an exciting and challenging time in Illinois outdoors.

More to come.

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I live in Northern Illinois (Algonquin) and for the second time now, I've heard the unmistakable howls of a fast moving wolf pack. Both times were between 2-3am and can only be described as EERIE! Maybe I'm wrong, but I didn't think coyotes traveled in packs. Of course nobody believes me and I didn't get to record their frightening sounds but I was sort of paralyzed in fear & disbelief. I can't believe no other area residents have heard anything, but it was at odd hours. I'll be ready to time!

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