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Wild Things: Trail cam of wolf

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Kenneth Doroba sent a wonderful trail cam shot of an apparent wolf in November.


The 2011 graduate in architectural studies from the University of Illinois e-mailed,

``I read your article in the Sun-Times, 'Lone Wolves Arriving in Illinois,' and it reminded of this season's first shotgun deer hunting weekend. My father and I hunt with some friends in Savannah, maybe a mile from the Mississippi River, on a lot of about 350 acres. I wanted to share with you the photo that one of the trail cams captured shortly before our arrival that first weekend.''

I forwarded it to Joe Kath, endangered species manager for Illinois, for his comments.

He had already seen the photo and e-mailed,

``This animal appears to be more wolf than dog. A beautiful shot!''

I would agree with that.

All of this is becoming more important as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced the delisting of wolves in the western Great Lakes, most importantly in the core states of Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota; but it has impact on tangential states like Illinois where wolves are beginning to arrive.

Doroba's trail cam photo was Wild of the Week today on the Sun-Times outdoors page. E-mail nominations for WOTW, the celebration of wild things around Chicago outdoors typically running Sundays, to

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There was a wolf shot just north of Savanna, IL. Looked an awful lot like this wolf too.

You are correct from what I understand. It is assumed to be the same animal. Last I heard, confirmation is still pending.

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