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Wild things: Mudpuppies & dragons

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Roger Morales' photo of the mudpuppy he caught Thanksgiving morning at Montrose Harbor finally clicked in my mind what mudpuppies look like.


The man from Brighton Park e-mailed, ``It was almost two pounds and about 14 inches long. I was amazed. I had never caught anything like it before.''

A rash of mudpuppies have been caught around Montrose and Navy Pier. Around Thanksgiving tends to be when I catch them or when readers report them. This year there just has been more reports, especially at Navy Pier, than I have heard in other years.

I really enjoyed Morales' photo and, probably because my kids are of the right age, it reminded me of the dark dragon Toothless befriended by Hiccup in ``How to train your Dragon.''

BTW, as a hunter, I find parts of "How to Train Your Drago,'' both laughable and galling. Yet, I truly enjoyed it as a movie.

Morales' mudpuppy was Wild of the Week, a somewhat regular feature on Sundays in the Sun-Times outdoors page.

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Raul Garcia Jr. emailed, ``Any idea what this is? Caught downtown?''... Read More


Are these native ? What are they in real terms ? We see them on the river sometimes also .

Jeff, native.
Here is the word from the Illinois Natural History Survey
And from National Geographic

hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, add a mustache and a cheap stoogie...........

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