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Ramble with Storm: Playoffs? Ice? Snow?

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stormtight.jpg Mulling things on my morning ramble

with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

If Jim Mora can use his infamous screeching "Playoffs?" to hawk a watery beer, I should be able to lift it to talk about our lack of snow and ice.

Something--frozen enough to whiten the ground but not to slick up the roads--was falling from the sky this morning as the meathead and I set out.

Out of town, the snow had stuck enough to seriously whiten the grass and weeds.

Flakes or pellets of a snow and sleet mix dotted my brown fleece as we circled the edges of cornfields.

What a weird winter. This is the fourth measurable snow and I am not sure if our total for the four is much more than an inch.

I thought there were dire warnings of an impending bad winter.

Apparently not. Looking at the long range forecast, I don't think we will have ice fishing again until the new year.

I feel a screeching "Ice fishing?" welling up inside my chest.

Not really. That's more of poetic license.

Winter will get here in all its glory, eventually. I think.

Should stick with Storm's Lab sense of enjoying what we have at the moment.

But I'm not a dog.

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Last weekends snow was more like a threadbare blanket that failed to cover the ground .

In January of 1967, the week before the snow came, I was out running around in a t-shirt.

You never know.

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