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Outside and wild: A twitter

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After much debate with myself and discussion with some others, I am restarting a Twitter account.

I am, or at least my Twitter side is, @BowmanOutside.

A few years ago, I had started a Twitter account, then backed off because it seemed absurd and against the idea of the outdoors, the reflection inherent in it.

But the world is speeding up. Like a lot of others, I find myself texting or at least checking texts when I am in the deer stand or duck blind.

Going back on Twitter seems a logical step at acknowledging that change in speed.

Thoughts? Tweet me, post below, message me on Facebook, or e-mail me at

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I've considered getting rid of Facebook.
Luckily I have a stupid cell phone. Like the old lady says in the commercials.....that's nice, does it make phone calls? I have no interest in texting, drives my daughters mean I have to call you.

You got it.

Luckily I'll never know what you are thinking and doing in the moment.
Hopefully, it won't suck up all your time and I'll be able to continue to read your thoughts on subjects after you've given them more thought.

But then, that's just me.

say it ain't so, Joe

Somewhere, Henry David Thoreau is weeping.

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