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Fish of the Week: Big pike from Des Plaines River

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Click here for FOTW, a big pike caught by Larry Narro from the Des Plaines River.


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Mr.Bowman I follow your column every week and enjoy reading it.But I doubt mr.narro,s pike was 38 inches.If it was mr narro is the hulk.T he size of his hand in relation to the fish and arms extended forward making the fish look bigger.Nice pike yes,38 inches I don,t think so.

I respectfully disagree with these reported lengths and weights also.

1) What above poster said.

2) This fish lacks any girth in order for it to weigh any more than 10 pounds. In order for a 38 inch pike to weigh 17-18 lbs, it needs to have a girth of at least 20 inches. Most calculations and fish formulas indicate that a 38 inch fish with a 21 inch girth computes to a weight of 17-18 pounds. Definitely not the case here with this one. Based on what I see, this fish is likely not more than 32 inches and 8 pounds. Its girth looks not more than 12 inches which would put it at 7.5 lbs.

3) The caption of this catch is nothing more than sensationalism. Some anglers overestimate their fish sizes and weights and likely do it for the attention.

4) In addition, it is extremely rare for a 30 inch pike to weigh 10 pounds.

It's a nice fish for the DPR but it's size and the story behind it is blown out of proportion.

Brother Dale,

I believe I've mentioned this before.

Horses are measured in hands, the average hand being 4 inches measured across the knuckles.

Easily a 38 inch pike.

Been doing that with fish pictures for years.

Might be off by an inch by doing that, but not much more.

have another photo of this pike show the true girth about 20 inches around

Larry, I could have posted another couple photos, but I thought this caught the essence of the fish. If you want, I will post another photo, too. I find it bizarre, as have others, that a couple guys seemed to think this wasn't a pike as big as stated. Of all the FOTW I have run other the years, this is one i didn't have a problem with at all. Maybe it is because I know your size Larry. I suspect the roots of the dispute are in something other than the size of your fish, more likely something to do with me. But if you want, I will post another photo.

Mr.Bowman I don,t have a problem with you or Mr.Narro or anyone,Having caught a good number of large pike myself ,it was a comment as to the estimated length and weight of his fish.All fishermen exaggerate to some degree,some more than others.i have no dispute with it being a nice fish,worthy of fotw.But 16 to18 lbs I,m sorry just don,t see it.Besides what does it matter what I think.It was just a comment nothing more.

What did she hit Larry??

Great fish btw!!


Regardless of the exact inches or poundage....a beautiful pike for the DPR. We all should be so best from the DPR is 24 inches! awesome.

Mines bigger NO ! Mines bigger ! Everybody knows superman is tougher than spiderman ! Batman will kick all their asses ! .................Nice fish dude and good reporting .

I talked to Dale about this on the phone and made a "mine's bigger" comment that can't get put on here.....

I've never understood the obsession with the weight of a fish. Since I wade rivers, I'm going to carry around a scale? C'mon.

And rivers is the point here. I've caught musky out of the Fox that are long and thin, they look nothing like they're fat lake brothers. This is a river pike. It's environment is going to dictate how fat and heavy it gets, but it can still get long.

And, Green Lantern rules!!

It takes a special kind of person to publicly rain on someone's parade with no possible better outcome than a negative one.

Larry, great catch!

Dale, great pick for FOTW.

Ken, that is funny, but mine IS bigger.

"Green Lantern ? " He can't even take the wonder twins ! I'd bet Scooby Doo would take him out . ..................................See how ridiculous this mines bigger sounds ? Nice to see a good healthy fish in local waters and I hope it swam away unharmed . ..............Nolan

Great photo, you really capture the spirit of the thing.

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