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Fish of the Week: Another Des Plaines River pike

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Joe Panatera caught another one of the good northern pike in a memorable fall on the lower Des Plaines River.


Dan Cahill sent this nomination and added, ``Here's hoping Dan Sims' efforts in creating the Des Plaines River Anglers Association takes off and works toward improving this fishery even further.''

There's a Facebook page for DPRAA and a beginning Web site.

I find it fascinating how far the Des Plaines has come.

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I have been fishing upper Desplains for over 30 years, Ive caught giant yellowbass,Nothern of course,small tiger muskey perch,sauger,flatheadcat,and alott more.I dont fish south of Axhead.I have a good idea that can be put togather to beneafit fish stocking from a good new source! I even brought it to Chauncey's attantion.He told me to keep him posted.Iam very intrested in your org.

TO THE DPRAA " Good luck for the things you want for the river.I.I
Have alott of experence fishing northern part of river. I would
Like to know if your going to offer assitance to the conoe run this
Spring on the Lake and Nothern cook part of the river? .' Halfirish

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