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Buck of the Week: Kankakee County 15-pointer

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Below is the story of Steve Siemek's big buck from Kankakee County, as told by his brother Bill.


A condensed form ran on the outdoors page of the Sun-Times today, but I thought Bill's story worth telling in long form.

Brothers Name: Steve Siemek From: Woodridge, IL Age: 24 Equipment: Shot the deer using an Elite GT500 compound bow and 100 grain crimson talon broadheads. This is my brothers first deer ever shot (bow or gun) and only his second time out bow hunting. He shot the deer at about 8am on 11/11/11 on private property in Kankakee County, IL. It was a very cool 28 degree overcast morning in the woods. This deer was actually hanging out near my treestand for about a half hour before being shot and I just couldn't get him to come in close enough for me to take a shot. When I first seen him my heart was racing because I could tell he was big and had a nice rack. I tried using a grunt call mixed in with some doe bleets and he showed some interest but not enough to come in any closer to my treestand. I watched patiently in my stand for about a half hour watching him come in and out of view at about 60 yards in the woods behind my stand. After a half hour went by I seen a flash and it was a doe running North (towards my brothers stand) through the woods and just seconds later the bruiser was right behind her with his nose to the ground.....chasing. This is why he didn't want anything to do with my calls; he was already hanging out with a doe. About 10-15 minutes after the buck had taken off I could hear in the distance my brother making noise as if trying to get a deer to stop to take a shot and about 2 minutes after I heard those hollers he called me up telling me how he shot the biggest deer he has ever seen in his life and I knew it was the bad boy I had just seen. We waited till about 9am to get down and track the deer, I had my brother stay in his stand so he could point out to me the exact location he shot him from his stand. It was like someone guided us through the woods with a can of red spray paint, the blood trail was so defined. The deer made his way through the woods into a taken down soy bean field and then into a taken down corn field. The blood trail through the crop fields was far more difficult to track as it was not as pronounced and only a spot here and there. The buck angled towards another set of woods and when got closer to those woods the blood was heavy again, I knew he would be laying down somewhere in here and yes he did. In the thickest section of thorns and brush laid the bomber. When I looked at the deer I didn't see where my brother hit him right away and then there it was in the buttocks his fletching sticking out. My brothers shot hit the deer in the rear end cutting the main vein in your leg causing him to bleed out. My brother had the best of luck hunting that day.

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