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Wild of the Week: Mudpuppy at Navy Pier

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After a lifetime of fishing the Chicago lakefront, Bill Liekis caught his first and second mudpuppy of his life on Tuesday.


That's the second one the man from Westchester caught about midway down the north side of Navy Pier early Tuesday.

All I know is they are one of the weirder things in Chicago fishing.

That's about the same area where I know of or have seen people catch mudpuppies. And all of those catches have been right around Thanksgiving.

Which raises three questions for me.

1) Is there something on the north side of Navy Pier that attracts or holds mudpuppies?

2) Is there something about the water temperature around Thanksgiving on the lakefront that makes catching mudpuppies more common?

3) Or is it simply that Thanksgiving is when the number of fisherman at Navy Pier starts to build?

Just wondering

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