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Sports media & outdoors: Blame Doug & OB

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Well, Norm Minas had good reason for getting his fishing report on the Kankakee River in later than usual: "Blame the Bears and Doug and OB on the post game."

I completely understand.

First of all, the Bears and Eagles ran late. Then the "Doug and OB Post Game" with former Bears Doug Buffone and Ed O'Bradovich is must-hear radio on WSCR-AM (670) after Bears games.

I am not a young guy any more, but the callers to Doug and OB make me feel like a young buck again. I swear some of the callers must be old enough to have watched football in the leather-helmet days.

Of course Doug and OB revved up on their own has a specialness all its own, too.

Having roamed into full-blown sports media critique, let me wander even farther afield.

As great as Doug and OB are, they are no match as post-game hosts to Chris Rongey.

As a general rule, post-game shows are for those too lazy or busy to change stations.

That's not true for Doug and OB. And it sure isn't true for Rongey. There are days when his White Sox post-games are the best radio on The Score all day.

There's a bizarre love-hate relationship between Rongey and White Sox callers that reminds me of a dysfunctional family so sick and twisted it makes for car-crash great radio.

Yeah, I am ready for baseball, again.

But there is nothing like the Bears doing well. The Bears doing well raise all things associated with sports in Chicago, including space for outdoors coverage.

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1 Comment

Shoot some of the callers to the "Ranger" made Kenny and Ozzie seem like Ward and June Cleaver.

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