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Ramble with Storm: Squirrel, Spider-Man, Children's Memorial & thanks

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stormtight.jpg Mulling things on my morning ramble

with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

I needed the longer stretch of the extended two-mile ramble with Storm this morning after spending the bulk of yesterday going to, at and coming back from Children's Memorial Hospital.

So did the meathead.

Apparently stealing and eating an entire Tupperware container of cookies intended for the Thanksgiving feasting was too much for even his Lab stomach. Good God, the stuff streaming out of him this morning almost made me feel bad for him

I say almost because my concern was tempered by the fact I had really liked stealing a couple of the cookies at a time myself.

But I did it by ones and twos. He wiped out a couple dozen in a matter of seconds.

I digress.

Long day at Children's yesterday just wiped me out emotionally. The gray fog, mist or whatever it was this morning matched my emotional state after yesterday.

By itself, it wasn't that big of a deal, just our second boy getting his ear repatched. But coming into the recovery room and seeing him gray, pallid as a corpse in an open coffin spooked me. I think my shocked reaction scared the nurse.

But it was the third time in a hospital in the past 15 years that I looked at him and he appeared dead. First after an early birth and a long successful stay at Rush-Presbyterian, then at St. Joseph in Joliet a couple years ago after complications from a weird pneumonia.

Either he is the luckiest sonnabitch alive or God has plans for him.

I find Children's amazing. There is so much sorrow and fear, but it is tempered by compassion and professionalism of everybody. And I mean everybody down to the guys who park the cars when the parking lot across Lincoln Avenue fills up.

Watching other parents, I saw they felt the same emotional drain, as if your life energy is being sucked out in the waiting on your child to come out of their operations.

If reminded me of interviewing Lisa Tomassetti about a decade ago for the first Liv's Hunt for a Cure, a fundraiser for research toward Cystic Fibrosis.

I happened to catch her after a long day at Children's with Liv, the daughter of Lisa and her husband Mauro, followed by the long drive back to the far northwest suburbs.

Anybody who has been involved with a kid with prolonged health issues knows just how draining that can be. It is probably the closest I have ever felt to somebody I was interviewing.

Well, the years sneak past too fast.

The 10th and last annual Liv's Hunt for a Cure is coming up Dec. 2-4 in the far northwest suburbs. Click here for details.

I am not sure I want to let it sink in that it has been 10 years already.

By the cornfield on the far edge of my extended route for the ramble, Storm strained against the leash, apparently feeling a new lease on life with the purging of his bowels.

Pulling back against him pulled me back from mulling too deeply on life and death issues, brought me back more toward one of Thanksgiving.

Back in town, a squirrel crawled up the side of the town hall like a rodent version of Spider-Man. I stopped and watched how he used his rodent paws to hook in the mortar openings between each row of bricks to scale the building.

As much as squirrels can annoy me, I found it interesting.

And I was grateful to watch something like that.

On a deeper level, I think it might be a perfect day to consider giving to Children's. Click here if the sprit of Thanksgiving fills your heart.

Maybe I should hold a fishing fundraiser on the Chicago River for Children's. But I am generally more of a loner than a planner.

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"Maybe I should hold a fishing fundraiser on the Chicago River for Children's. But I am generally more of a loner than a planner."

I am not much of a planner either but I could get behind something like this. Children's would top most lists as a deserving recipient, but for very personal reasons, I would like to see leukemia a beneficiary.

Glad to hear some thoughts. Paul. I am fairly open. Maybe a broad base for Children's with splits built in or designations.

There are about 50 specias of fish in the Chicago River. One idea might be to have participating anglers see how many they cold land in the course of a month.

That is exactly one of the base ideas I had. One of the other ones would be making sure somehow that shore and boat fishermen could access the whole of the river, North Branch, South Branch and main stem. I guess those were the two general ideas I was thinking about: multiple species and the whole of the Chicago River system. The logistics might be simplier than I think, using either cell phone or smart phone photos or verification from fellow anglers with a central base of operations somewhere.


Are you thinking about a one or two day event or a longer duration? I think long duration makes more sense for a "most species" event but it also makes it much more of an honor system.

Accessing the whole of the River should not be too much of an issue for boat anglers but it is a problem for bank anglers. There could be incredible long-term benefits if riverfront landowners could be convinced to open up access to anglers. The mayor seems to be in favor of increased recreational use of the River - perhaps the city would get behind this.

Paul, and others, I am fairly serious on this. I think it has to be one day. We could do an open in the morning, then maybe a championship round in the afternoon. As to the base, I like the idea of maybe Lawrence's Fisheries like Jeff with Bridgeport Bass did a year or so ago on the south Branch or maybe I could actually finagle something out of the Sun-Times honchoes to have it based by the S-T offices at the Mart. I don't think getting prizes from corporate sponsors would be a problem, and I fairly certain there would be plenty of people willing to be stewards. If need be, I am more than willing to twist arms on both counts. I would like it to be fairly simple in structure like the events Henry's sponsors on the lakefront. And Paul your idea of something involved around multiple species works best by my thinking, or maybe carp/panfish/bass/other fish.

glad to volunteer if I can be of any help Dale and Paul ......if you get that desperate count me in!

I will commit all the resources of Bridgeportbass as in boats , volunteers ect. Also during the winter I have no problem putting together a multi-band show / concert that will have no problem raising cash . I have put these things together before with great success. There is probably few people who know more musicians that Myself in this city . ...................Jeff Nolan ,................ Bridgeportbass

Jeff, now my head is truly starting to explode with ideas. I like the music side of it. Do you have a venue in mind?

Jeff, nice to see a leader step up. This could be a great event. For the music, we gotta get the New Duncan Imperials, "famous" for their song "I Like Carp".

Ping Tom Park might be a decent venue.

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