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Ramble with Storm: Smartasses & other vices

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stormtight.jpg Mulling things on my morning ramble

with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

A thin ground fog formed briefly this morning as the cold air hit the saturated lawns and fields. It was cold enough that pockets of frost formed on the outskirts of town.

So I remembered to watch my step crossing on the bridge over the neckdown between the two old clay pits. On many mornings like this on the edge of freezing, I have nearly taken a spill.

Tread lightly.

And it reminded me of a fishing friend/teacher with a smartass bent. You know who you are Pete. While relaying a muskie story yesterday, he made a crack that maybe my crankiness was related to not getting a muskie over the weekend or that I hit my head on the bridge.

Hey, thanks reading Stray Casts and Ramble with Storm closely.

It made me remember I have a number of smartass friends. In fact I seem to value them unduly.

I saw on Facebook yesterday that one reposted a thing making its rounds to stop hating smartasses. You know who you are Ken. Oh, I know the feeling.

On Friday, I remembered a couple underemployed carpenters who like to make cracks about the worthiness of my deer stand. You know who you are Jeff and Todd.

Well, I had the kids out checking on it Friday. The stand is fairly stable. But I really should have had the carpenters give me a hand with sprucing it up some.

All the same, the kids enjoyed climbing in and out of the stand on their day off for Veteran's Day.

This morning, as the meathead and I came back into town, the fog lifted as the sun rose.

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We know how to read between your lines. Some of us are just a little more blunt.

I really don't think the deer care what your stand looks like. Holding your weight is the issue.

You know we're mostly just having a little fun with the deer stand Dale.

However, as construction workers, we are constantly propagandized and harangued about safety. There are manditory safety meetings and toolbox talks every working day.....and we are trained to never, ever trust a structure that is only "fairly stable".

So there is a bit of truth to our concern. I mean, if the thing collapses at the moment of truth, you could crash to the ground and spook the Buck Of A Lifetime. Just imagine how you'd feel then.

Oh, and there is some real concern. My concern is more getting into and out of the stand, especially on mornings like tomorrow when I will have the big insulated boots on. Of course, sometimes when I am dozing in the afternoon sun I wonder what it would be like to awaken in mid-air from falling through a side wall.


Help! I've fallen and I can't shoot my deer!!

There was one point Friday afternoon when that seemed a real possibility when the wind was really gusting something like 45 mph. I considered climbing down and hiding in the ditch, but then I thought I might get blown off the ladder climbing down.

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