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Illinois deer hunting: Kiernan charged

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Chris Kiernan, who arrowed what is one of the all-time nontypical whitetails shot in Illinois, was charged Friday with a 41-count criminal complaint, according to the Morris Daily Herald.

Among the complaints is that the Minooka man poached his 36-point buck in 2009 on Material Service Corporation property near Morris.

I had heard this was coming, but that doesn't make it any easier.

It was a tremendous deer.

And now it is a blackeye for hunters, and especially for hunters of trophy whitetails.

I opted not to run a photo of the deer and Kiernan, but may rethink that in a follow up.

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plenty of boats are parked along the shore on the river during hunting season on private land accessable by road, wonder why they need to park their boat along the shore...

Access to the state's Morris Wetland site for deer hunting is allowed by boat. Some guys launch at the Morris launch and motor directly across river and beach their boat along the north property line of the site. The other access point is a parking lot on Pine Bluff road on the south side of the site.

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