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Green Bay: Seeking muskie

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GREEN BAY, Wis--When the photo is of the I-43 bridge, you can guess we are still searching.


This is my long awaited trip to try for muskie on Green Bay with Capt. Kevin Pischke of Lay in a Line Guide Service.

Sure seemed like a perfect day with warmth coming after a blow and a cold front.

But we didn't hook any or see anybody else hook one.

I tend to think of Green Bay more for walleye and smallmouth, but at one point this afternoon we counted 15 boats trolling for muskies.

Even with no fish, it was a good day with lively conversation with Pischke and his friend Brian Sundby.

Tomorrow could prove interesting on multiple levels. High winds are forecast and there's a chance of showers.

Can't wait.

Had a chance to walk around Green Bay the town tonight. All I will say is that Titletown is a little frayed around the edges. River walks only do so much.

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