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Fish of the Week: Little kid, big largemouth

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Dan Forkin nominated his 5-year-old son Brady for a nice largemouth bass caught at Lake in the Hills pond known more for bluegill.


Well, let Forkin tell the story, he does a nice job.

Here's his e-mail from October:

My 5 year old son Brady caught this 18 inch largemouth on his Snoopy pole this past Sat. at a local pond in Lake in the Hills. We come to this pond all the time because its like fishing in a bucket when it comes to catching bluegill. So on Sat., Brady was set up with a snoopy pole, 1inch piece of worm and a bobber. After taking off his 15th bluegill and worming his hook again, all of a sudden there's a big swirl in the water and my sons screaming. The real prize for me was watching him trying to reel this in thinking he had Moby Dick on the end of his line. After a few minutes of continuous reeling and the line not going anywhere because of the drag setting and weight of the fish, I finally had to pull it in by hand so he wouldn't lose it. If this isn't fish of the week, it sure is the highlight of mine!

As a dad, there is a lot in there I can relate to.

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