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Fish of the Week: Future tense

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Think FOTW in future tense for these walleye being stocked into Wolf Lake on the Indiana side Saturday as part of Perch America's 14th annual stocking.


I think it is one of the great ongoing citizen efforts by a club around Chicago outdoors. It is a group effort, but a lot of credit for getting people to pull together in the same direction goes to Indiana steelworker Bruce Caruso.

This time it was 4,300 5- to 8-inch walleye from Richmond Fisheries. I think that brings the total over the years to something like 80,000.


That's Bruce holding one of fish as an example of the size. Thanks to Carl Vizzone for documenting the event once again in photos. The way Carl photographs makes me wish he could run around with me on outdoors stories for the Sun-Times.

Once again, a varied group came to together to raise the $6,000. That money came from BP, Hammond Port Authority, Hammond Parks Foundation, Mik-Lurch Fishing Tackle Outlet, Lake County (Ind.) Fish and Game, Henry's Sports and Bait, Calumet Harbor Sportfishing Club and private individuals.

The private individuals gave at the jar in Mik-Lurch or the ones that Perch America takes around to outdoors shows during the winter.

Also credit goes to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, which has been very good about promptly granting the permit.

And the heroine is Jennifer Strasser with the Indiana Board of Animal Health. She sees the pre-entry form completed. Two years ago, she took time from picking her wedding dress to do the form. This year, she was on maternity leave but saw the form through.

Wolf Lake walleye inspire that.

The most famous result of the stocking is the 10-pound, 3-ounce walleye Steven Coleman caught from the lake in May, 2010. Click here for that tale.

I know this is a different sort of FOTW, but a worthy one.

For some reason, I remembered the first stocking and being beside the crusty late Duke O'Malley and Jack Vadas. I think that stocking was at the launch by the corn channel.

Remembering the old guys made me glad to see this photo from Carl of young guys at the stocking.


That's future tense in Fishermen of the Week.

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