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There's mixed reports for ice fishing potential this weekend to lead this Midwest Fishing Report; by next week, there will be more widespread options for ice fishing.


Click here for Cody Muehlfelt's BOTW, a 12-pointer taken in Grundy County by the 16-year-old from Wheaton.


It only seems apt to run the Stray Cast here.

Click here for the Mike Barbush's FOTW, a big yellow perch caught last Wednesday from the Hole-in-the-Wall.


Some ducks pushed through and the weather shift may bring more, but the main story for the Illinois Hunting Report is waiting on second firearm deer season to open Thursday.


So the pastor's wife spotted a persimmon tree in a nearby town the other day.


Joel Greenberg and I talk about our young roots in the outdoors and the different paths we took to that love on "Outside" this afternoon.

joelgreenberg dalemugbest

After a lifetime of fishing the Chicago lakefront, Bill Liekis caught his first and second mudpuppy of his life on Tuesday.


We will get beyond Black Friday for this Wild Weekend Wandering around Chicago outdoors.

stormtight.jpg Mulling things on my morning ramble

with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

Click here for the FOTW, a big largemouth caught by Gary Le.


Illinois deer hunters had a good first firearm season, reporting close to the same number of deer as first season last year.

Click here for BOTW, taken by retired charter Capt. Bob White.


It only seems apt to run the Stray Cast here.

Looks like ice fishing in northern Wisconsin will have to wait until next week; that and perch on the southern Lake Michigan lakefront lead this Midwest Fishing Report.

Not gone fishin', but I will be gone.

Here is what a DNR that values the public relations value of its deer hunting does: an opening day report on opening day from Wisconsin on Saturday.

AROMA PARK, Ill.--Is snoring a natural sound or does it spook deer?


One of my favorite outdoors stories--an encounter with an unafraid black bear while backpacking in the Great Smoky Mountains--headlines a different "Outside" this afternoon.

joelgreenberg dalemugbest

This Wild Weekend Wandering around Chicago outdoors is going up early on a Thursday night, for a good reason.


The first "sprinkles" of reports on lakefront perch lead this Midwest Fishing Report.


David Green caught this buck on trail cam in Will County to earn BOTW honors, I thought an apt one with the first firearm deer season opening Friday in Illinois.


On a father-and-son trip over the long Veteran's Day holiday, Jim and Chris Giglio landed a bunch of big largemouth.


It only seems apt to run the Stray Cast here.

Deer stand prepped and ready; obviously, deer hunting leads this Illinois Hunting Report with the first firearm season opening Friday; oh, and the ducks are flying. deerstand11-11-11.JPG

turkeybeard.jpg Turkey harvest in the fall firearm season continues

its slide, not because of turkey populations but because of changing interests.

stormtight.jpg Mulling things on my morning ramble

with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

buck2011tight.jpg As the 65 percent male whitetails harvested by bowhunters in the past week indicates, the rut is on.

Marcus Benesch photographed this buck on the Sunday before the Bears destroyed the Eagles on Monday night football.


Paul Botts talks about The Wetlands Initiative and its involvement in such important Illinois projects as Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie and Dixon Waterfowl Refuge, better known as Hennepin-Hopper.


Green Bay: Seeking muskie

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GREEN BAY, Wis--When the photo is of the I-43 bridge, you can guess we are still searching.


stormtight.jpg Mulling things on my morning ramble

with Storm, the family's mixed Lab.

With the way the weather is going back and forth (we had enough slush fall last night that some stuck), it's hard to know whether to hunt, fish or sit for this Wild Weekend Wandering around Chicago outdoors.


Show promoters are scrambling to pull together the new Chicago Outdoor Sportsmen Show at the end of January at Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont.

Flurries should be flying around here by this afternoon and more of a real snow to the north, so fall comes to this Midwest Fishing Report.


John Farmer's lifetime buck earned him BOTW honors and acted like a balm for me on a rough week.


Think FOTW in future tense for these walleye being stocked into Wolf Lake on the Indiana side Saturday as part of Perch America's 14th annual stocking.


It only seems apt to run the Stray Cast here.

Deer in rut and opening weekend of the upland-game seasons lead this Illinois Hunting Report.


Well, Norm Minas had good reason for getting his fishing report on the Kankakee River in later than usual: "Blame the Bears and Doug and OB on the post game."

Cook County is home to many trophy bucks, though most live in unhuntable public land; and from what I heard, that led to the successful investigation resulting in the latest round of poaching charges of deer hunters in Illinois.


buck2011tight.jpg The 61 percent male whitetails harvested by Illinois bowhunters over the weekend confirmers what deer hunters already know, the rut is on.

Mike Wefer gives gray partridge in Illinois their perfect name of "unicorns" this afternoon on "Outside."

joelgreenberg dalemugbest

Opening day: Upland game

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CLARENCE, Ill.--Any opening day with at least eight pairs like these rates as OK.


Opening of upland game hunting leads this Wild Weekend Wandering around Chicago outdoors; though bowhunting might draw just as many outside, and the forecast seasonal fall weather might draw many fishermen for a last fall fling.


Ryan Stochl landed one of the bigger muskies caught in Illinois, and the biggest one registered this year by creel card, from the Chain O'Lakes on Sunday.


dansmis.jpg Dan Sims had a question or rumination

on the diverted flow of the Des Plaines River.

The thing about Chris Kiernan and the charges against is not only the black eye it gives hunting but the sense of betrayal people like myself and others who interacted with him feel.


A bald eagle was apparently shot near or along the Illinois River near Putnam County, and a reward is being offered for information.

Crappie fishing and the start to lakers on southern Lake Michigan lead this Midwest Fishing Report.


Mike Vicory waited a year to get his trail-cam buck in Kane County.


It only seems apt to run the Stray Cast here.

Dan Forkin nominated his 5-year-old son Brady for a nice largemouth bass caught at Lake in the Hills pond known more for bluegill.


Chris Kiernan, who arrowed what is one of the all-time nontypical whitetails shot in Illinois, was charged Friday with a 41-count criminal complaint, according to the Morris Daily Herald.

The opening of upland game seasons, still one of the great social events in Illinois outdoors, on Saturday and bucks in rut lead this Illinois Hunting Report.


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