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Wild of the Week: Skydiving tern

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In August, Cathie Kramer photographed this tern skydiving at Rock Run Rookery, shortly after it was opened by the Forest Preserve District of Will County.


Kramer e-mailed,

``What wonderful acrobats they are! They soar up about 90 feet, looking for fish, and do a complete turn and dive straight down, grab a fish, and take off again. The aero-diving is amazing to watch!''

She said she started to seeing the terns in July (they're gone now). I just enjoy her photos and wanted to share them. And I am trying to get better about posting wild photos sent by readers.

Kramer is more of a birder, but she said the fishermen seemed to be doing very well since the site opened. I have not managed to make it out there yet.

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