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Buck of the Week: Naperville to Pike County

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Aaron Clasen.arrowed a life-time buck, a 14-pointer in Pike County, to earn the Naperville man BOTW honors.


Here's his story:

I was fortunate enough to take this buck in Pike County, Illinois this past Saturday evening (10/8/2011) with my Matthews bow using Rage broadheads. He walked out of the woods with 4 other bucks just before dark and after sparring with one of the other bucks, walked to within 20 yards of my deer stand. I was able to steady my nerves and my bow, and the arrow found it's mark. We were able to recover the animal only 50 yards away in the cut corn field.

He has 14 points and an unofficial gross score of 165 inches.

I am not sure why BOTW is not being posted online at Sun-Times outdoors, but until they do, I post a fuller form of BOTW, the weekly celebration of big bucks shot by hunters around Illinois outdoors.

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