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Buck of the Week: Her first

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Cindy Gustafson bagged her first deer with a bow, a nice buck, last week, and I thought her report of it was a good representation of the kind of things hunters think about in the blind or on the stand.


Here's the west suburban woman's account:

Anyway, I shot my first deer with a bow last evening. I was in a ground blind in Cook County. Got in around 5:45 and was daydreaming, getting kind of aggravated about the lady who ran the marathon while majorly pregnant and suddenly a spiker and small doe came up. That window in the ground blind is pretty big so every time I tried to move to bring the bow up, the doe was watching. I finally got a shot at the little guy but he jumped/I missed. That was 6:15 and I learned that I had to pay attention and draw before they get in front of the blind. About 6:30, I saw a good size buck in one of the small openings on the side, drew the bow and when he came into the clover, took a shot and got him.

I thought she nicely captured the kind of things we can mull while putting in the time for deer.

Usually, BOTW is posted at Sun-Times outdoors. Not sure why it wasn't up today. So I posted it here.

Send nominations for BOTW to There's been some nice ones coming in.

And I would expect more over the next few weeks as the rut really kicks in.

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