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WWW Chicago outdoors: Salmon to Flatwater paddling

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This is the packed weekend for the Wild Weekend Wandering around Chicago outdoors: multiple events around shoreline salmon, the Flatwater Classic on the Chicago River and Fishin' Buddies! 20th anniversary event.


I enjoy any chance to run one of my favorite photos from Chicago fishing, of Bob Mlinarcik casting at what I think was the first Salmon Classic at Northerly Island.

I can't believe it, but Henry's Sports and Bait will hold the eighth annual Salmon Classic at Northerly Island from 6:30-9 p.m. Sunday. Registration begins at 6 p.m. Call (312) 225-8538.

20th ANNIVERSAY OF FISHIN' BUDDIES!: Fishin' Buddies! and the Forest Preserve District of Cook County present their 20th annual fishing derby on Saturday at Wampum Lake in Lansing. It's free, but preregister at

SALMON UNLIMITED'S KIDS' SHORE FISHING DERBY: Salmon Unlimited holds its annual shore fishing derby for kids (up to 18) at Waukegan Harbor Saturday. The online registration is closed, but you can register tomorrow at Waukegan Harbor House. Click here for details.

FLATWATER CLASSIC: On Sunday, the 12th Annual Chicago River Flatwater Classic Paddle & Pedal Event is held on the Chicago River. This is one of those events I need to do some year. Click here for details.

GRAND OPENING OF ROCK RUN ROOKERY: The FPD of Will County holds the grand opening for Rock Run Rookery in Joliet from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday. Registration for the kids fishing derby is filled.

SHORELINE SALMON: This remains the big story around southern Lake Michigan. Reports continue to be good most days at Montrose, according to Mike Repa at Park Bait; but fish are also showing up at Burnham, according to Steve Palmisano at Henry's Sports and Bait. Repa said some coho are mixed with the kings. Bob Shirley at Angler's Outlet in Markham said his staff have been doing really well for salmon at Jackson Harbor/Casino Pier. Capt. Ralph Augie reported the usual lures taking good salmon at Waukegan. In Indiana, salmon are around the harbors and stream mouths; and both salmon and steelhead are into the Indiana streams, according to Lake Michigan fisheries biologist Brian Breidert. He said there is a good mix of steelhead and salmon making their way up the St. Joseph. In the Michigan portion of the St. Joseph, Tyler Harmon Facebooked that kings were good from the piers and in the river.

WADING/FLOATING FOR SMALLMOUTH: I know I said this last week, but our rivers are as low as they have been in 2011, even lower than last weekend in most cases. Once again, I had outstanding reports from Ken Gortowski, blogger for ChicagoNow, on the Fox River and from Norm Minas on the Kankakee. . . . Wonderful time to be on the rivers. I am glad I got out last Friday, rain and all.

HUNTING: I took a naturalist for his first time squirrel hunting Monday at Iroquois SWA. We got one gray squirrel and ran out of time before we could outwait a fox squirrel. With cooler weather, I think squirrel hunting will pick up. Around northeast Illinois, the three public spots in September are Silver Springs SFWA, Kankakee River SP and Iroquois SWA. . . . Dove hunting continues, but I haven't heard much this week. . . . Teal season ends Sunday. Haven't heard much locally.

ARCHERY: Archery Bow Range Chicago offers instruction.

DALEY DERBY: Carp and kings are the species for September in the Richard J. Daley Sportfishing Derby. As might be expected in a good fall salmon run, some big kings are rolling in. Register fish at Henry's Sports & Bait, Park Bait or Vet's Bait. Go to or call (312) 225-8538.

ILLINOIS PERMITS: Random daily drawings for fall shotgun turkey permits begin Monday. . . . Random daily draws for firearm/muzzleloader deer permits are underway.

PERSONAL PICKS: Saturday, I plan to poke my head into the 20th anniversary of Fishin' Buddies at Wampum. . . . I hope to be at the Salmon Classic Sunday night. . . . This afternoon, I am disappearing into Indiana for awhile with some tangential outdoor pursuits. . . . Work continues on an ongoing writing project. . . . As always, a fair amount of my spare time is spent working on ``Outside,'' the radio show Joel Greenberg and I are doing at 4:30 p.m. Mondays on WKCC-FM (91.1).

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Is parking still free for the Henry's event?

N.E., great question and I should have thought of it earlier. Answer is no. You either have to use the pay box. I think it is a quarter an hour at that time, but I am not positive, or better yet buy the $10 fisherman's parking pass that gives parking there and at the little DuSable and Burnham fishermen parking lots for two months.

The water on the Chicago river is VERY low now be careful in any of the off shoots/slips many boats have run aground near Ashland/Loomis slips , it is only 3 ft in some places . It dropped another foot yesterday .

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