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Hunting and Fishing Days: Bearing down

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I did a quick run through at the Northern Illinois Hunting and Fishing Days right at opening this morning.


I saw a lot of old familiar faces. Had some good talks with people I needed to see face to face.

Snapped a few nice photos. The one above at the Safari Club International tent was my second favorite of the day. Haven't decided what I am going to do with a neat series I took earlier of Ken Ingo giving impromptu goose calling lessons.

As usual, it is at Silver Springs State Fish and Wildlife Area in Yorkville through Sunday. I don't know what impact the Bears/Packers will have tomorrow.

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It was a relatively quiet day out there, steady, but not swamped. I think the forecast calling for rain all afternoon kept the crowds down.

Instead, the sun was out most of the afternoon.

Good to see you out there and I'm having a great time yacking it up with people.

Talk to you Monday, don't bait me.

We need to get a wax replica of Ken S. circa 1979 and place it under the paw of the stuffed bear.

That bear is way two small to handle me. You a larger bear.
Ken S

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