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Ramble with Storm: First hedge apple

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stormtight.jpg Mulling things on my morning ramble

with Storm, the family's mixed Lab

Just a runt of a thing, but a hedge apple for sure, had fallen in the middle of the path on the back side of the town pond as the meathead and I worked our way around.

Another true sign of fall marked off.

There's a rhythm to the outdoors, to nature.

It's one of the beauties of my life following those checkmarks of the season.

I find hedge apples one of the more amusing checks in seasonal change.

The fruit of the Osage orange, those remnants of windbreak fencerows in many rural areas of Illinois, are imbued with magical powers.

Some believe they keep away bugs in homes.

I don't believe it particularly. But a regular cult has built around hedge apples.

I enjoy their artistic value. My wife usually collects a bowl of them and sets them on the dining room.

One thing about hedge apples is they impart an outdoorsy essence to the room. And they last for months.

Kids start school tomorrow.

We move on. Even if heat will build again later this week.

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hickory nuts dropping, too

If you ever want to see possibly the largest Osage Orange trees in the state, let me know. Pretty impressive for tree nerds. I'll show you.

They're right on the shore of the Fox. The landowner would be more than happy to show you around.

saw my first brown woly catepillar today

Ken, you know the state keeps track of that sort of stuff. I've seen a list somewhere of the largest trees in the state, where they are and who found them. Speaking of which, there is a black cherry tree in Oswego that is gigantically enormous!

Fish Hippy, I wonder if they track Osage orange.

I would like to see both the big black cherry and the big Osage orange. Ken I will take you up on that offer.

The black cherry tree is at Emerson Creek Pottery and Tea Room in Oswego. The tree is right next to the house/gift shop.

I have a book about trees in IL that lists the largest known trees in the state. I bet its in there but I'll check about the hedge apple tree.

I checked with the 2011 IL Big Tree Register list on the Division of Forest Resources listing for Osage Orange. I did learn that its not natural to IL so maybe thats why. Too bad, that tree is found everywhere in IL.

Fishing Hippy, thanks for looking. I had not had the time yet. But that would have been my guess.

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