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Illinois Hunting Report: Doves & squirrels

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Not sure if it will mean anything in three weeks or not, but I have been seeing hundreds of more doves in the last week or so; that thought leads this Illinois Hunting Report.


And that thought leads to one of my favorite plates with fresh dove breasts. They were plated with seasonal fruits and veggies. Just wonderful.

During the hunting seasons, the extended online version of the IHR, which appears most weeks during the hunting season in the outdoors page of the Sun-Times on Wednesdays, is usually posted here on Tuesdays.

If you have suggestions, e-mail me at or post in the comments.


Season opens, as usual, on Sept. 1. Free dove permits phone-in period began last week. BTW, am I the only one who noticed many doves arriving recently?


I would expect with more rational weather that more people will be out trying for squirrels. In August, Iroquois County SWA is one site open in northeast Illinois. In September, many more sites open.


Monday is the deadline is to apply for the second lottery drawing for 2011 Illinois firearm and muzzleloader deer permits. Click here. . . . Resident and non-resident Illinois Youth Firearm Deer permits are available over-the-counter (OTC) from DNR Direct license and permit vendors, by phone at 1-888-673-7648 (1-888-6PERMIT), or online at through Aug. 31 (OTC only after Aug. 31).


Applications may be made for free upland permits through Aug. 31. This is the coolest hunting program run by the IDNR.


Resident hunters may apply online from Aug. 16-30 for the first lottery for the Illinois 2011 Public Duck and Goose Hunting Area Permit program. The second lottery deadline is Sept. 13 for those unsuccessful resident applicants from the first lottery, residents who didn't apply in the first lottery, and non-residents. All initial applications must be made online at or


Archery deer, turkey and firearm youth deer permits are on sale over-the-counter.


Season is Sept. 1-15. Regs remain the same.


Season is Sept. 3-18.


The line for goose hunting between the central and north zone in northeast Illinois was returned to I-80. The duck line remains the one gerrymandered five years ago in Grundy, Will and Cook counties.


I know this is early for the traditional BOTW for hunters, by less than two months though, but some nice buck photos are starting to arrive BOTW: Unplugged, the weekly celebration of live big bucks around Chicago outdoors.

BOTW runs Wednesdays and BOTW: Unplugged on Sundays on the outdoors page in the Sun-Times on Wednesdays.

E-mail nominations to


For IDNR hunting info, click here.

For the Illinois 2011-12 Digest of Hunting & Trapping Regulations, click here.

For the 2010-11 Illinois Public Hunting Areas Report, click here.

Waiting on the 2011-12 edition of the Digest of Waterfowl Hunting Regulation.

For Illinois crop reports (generally posted Monday afternoons, holiday weekends are the exceptions), click here.

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Here's a couple notes and thoughts on dove hunting, including the breakdown of opening-day numbers for northeast Illinois.... Read More


The doves are all over the place around Yorkville too. You can hunt them at Silver Springs. But they aren't stupid, fewer seen there. You have to go just outside the state park to see the most.

I'm going to try to get a picture of this somehow.

No squirrels till after the first frost for me. Fewer fleas then.

My buddy and I both got our limit at Silver Springs on the opening day of dove season (9/1). The heat probably kept a lot of hunters away, and that helped since the blinds weren't packed and there wasn't as much sky busting by over eager shooters as otherwise. The Robo-dove decoys helped too....were really drawing them in the last two hours (3-5pm).

Very educative thanks, I presume your readers would probably want a lot more blog posts like that continue the good work.

Dale , Can you post a picture of your tree stand again we just want to get a few pointers in on how to build one . You set the bar very high for the rest of us on what not to do . Maybe some of your readers can throw a few pointers at us so no one falls out of a tree this year .

Oh, I am amsued by the antics of all my carpenter friends. Let me tell, earlier this week I was reading an online story about homemade stands and death, and I look at the photo for illustration and I realize the bastards stole the photo of my tree stand. At least it looked like it. Haven't checked on my Taj Mahal (sp?) yet.

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