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Cicada: Emerging

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As our 6-year-old began to swing this morning, he found this cicada emerging.


I am pretty sure it is a dog-day cicada.

The part that most impressed me is that Sam was fascinated by it, not scared of it. That encourages me. We must be doing something right in raising him.

After he called me, I hurried to get the camera out and was afraid it would be gone before I could get my first photo of a cicada emerging.

I think it is one of the great sights around Chicago outdoors.

And that is the correct positioning of the photo.

Our maple has other shells higher in the tree.

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Will a bass eat these ?

Absolutely. When the big hatch was a few years ago, the bass were all over them. I think they eat the annuals, the dog-day ones, too. There just isn't as many of them.

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