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Chicago fishing: Perch, "They're everywhere"

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I fished the reopener on the South Side with Ray Hinton this morning.


That's him drinking coffee near dawn at 39th. We caught a decent amount in the couple hours I had.

On the drive home, North Side perch ace Carl Vizzone phoned and said, ``They're everywhere.''

At least until the northeast winds blow.

And just about anything will catch them right now on the Chicago lakefront.


I intend to for supper tonight.


Yeah, I have one jumbo in there (Ray caught one jumbo bigger than that) with the rest eater-sized.

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What's the Bait of Choice Dale? Going to Burnham this evening

nice catch! I'll take "eater" size any day over the jumbo's. All these guys now are obsessed with catching 13-14 inchers, and have gotten really spoiled. 10-15 years ago, if you caught ONE jumbo in the 14 inch class you'd be taking pictures of it. Now you can get 'em regularly.

There's a reason why restaurant perch are in the 8-10 inch range, and that's very simple: they taste better and look better on your plate!!

Ray was playing around. he caught them on white twistertal wth no bat, a slver bladebat, a double-jig rig. I was using white or chartruese jigs with waxies. I think your best option would be minnows or soft shells.
The key was low light. We caught most in the first half hour or so.

Easy limits of jumbo perch and the oppressive heat. The two hot topics along the city by the lake. No mention of any of the "other" scenery running around the lakefront that morning?

Dale, is there an launch fee exemption for fishermen at cal park? I know this may be stupid question but please be polite with the fee comments

The question is a good one. The answer not so good. None that I know of.

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