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Asian carp: Latest fiasco of no bigheads/silver

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We are rapidly approaching the point where we have every right to say enough of messing with out money over a witch hunt on Asian carp in Chicago.

Really, enough of pouring millions of dollars down a sinkhole.

Here's the final report from the latest witchhunt, a four-day searching mission around Lake Calumet with no bighead or silver carp to show for it.

Here's the word on the final day from the Asian Carp Regional Coordinating Committee:

Daily Report

Published on Aug 4, 2011 - In: Monitoring & Sampling

Lake Calumet Rapid Response Highlights:

Sampling August 4 included 9 boats and 32 people, for a total of 224 person-hours.
Efforts included: gill/trammel netting, electrofishing, and tandem-trap netting.
Samplers fished over 4.3 miles of gill/trammel net; 8 fyke net nights; and 7 hours of electrofishing.
In all, sampling of Lake Calumet and connecting Calumet River yielded NO bighead carp or silver carp.
Rapid response action concluded the afternoon of August 4, 2011.

Just because Michigan politicians hiccup and a Detroit newspaper hiccups along with them and shouts about the end of a $7 billion fishing industry doesn't make it true or justify all kinds of nonsense.

I am really getting sick of this.

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Never let a crisis, even if it's fraudulent, go to waste.

Has anybody paid any attention to the money and man hours spent on the Chicago river ? These boneheads are out there almost every day . More than 4 different groups and one doesn't know what the other is doing . I have seen chips placed in fish by one group and those same fish removed by another . Then they ask me ( while fishing ) if I know about these fish with chips? ...HEY EVERYBODY ! They are giving money away lets all go and get some !

Could it be that Michigan is more interested in closing down some of the shipping industry in Chicago and grabbing that business for themself than carp in the lake?


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