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Ramble with Storm: Heron with bullhead

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stormtight.jpg Mulling things on my morning ramble with Storm,

the family's mixed Lab.

On the far side
of the town pond

a great blue heron
walked out of the water
then stood on the path

gave us the eye
we it
all the while
a rather large bullhead
dangled from both sides
of its beak

We waited
on it
it on us

then it hopped
down the path
a bit
stood some more

until I rooted
the cell phone from
my pants pocket

and grabbed some
bad photos

until it had enough
dropped the bullhead
and flapped off

The meathead nosed the bullhead
I pulled him away

Wondering if the heron
would return
for it

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I like little clipped sentences.
Cuts to the chase.

Nicely done.

Where's the book?

kinda poetic, i like it

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