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Illinois Beach State Park: Storm closures (update)

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The storms rolling down Lake Michigan last night have shut Illinois Beach State Park, [UPDATE] but the IDNR has decided that North Point Marina will be open for the public.

Here's the updated sentence late today from the IDNR:

However, after damage assessments at North Point Marina, it has been decided that it is safe to reopen the marina to the general public.

Here was the original post from the IDNR:

Illinois Beach State Park, North Point Marina sustain damage after strong storms

Park closed pending damage assessment and cleanup

Zion, IL -
A strong late night storm on Thursday, June 30 has forced the closure of the Adeline Jay Geo-Karis Illinois Beach State Park (IBSP) until damage assessments and clean up are complete, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) announced today. North Point Marina is also closed to the public until further notice; however marina slip holders will have access to their vessels.

The storm caused damage to several areas of the park including the Illinois Beach Resort and Conference Center and campground. Nearby North Point Marina also sustained extensive damage to docks, administrative offices and storage buildings.

IDNR Conservation Police report three individuals suffered minor injuries during the storm. Illinois Beach State Park and North Point Marina are owned and managed by the IDNR.

"We are very fortunate that no one was seriously hurt by this storm. Our number one priority now is public safety, making sure that our guests and park visitors are taken care of and getting an assessment of the damage sustained to facilities at Illinois Beach and North Point Marina. We will reopen the park once we are sure there are no imminent hazards or threats to public safety," said IDNR Director Marc Miller.

According to the National Weather Service, the severe storm that moved through Lake Michigan on Thursday evening, June 30, brought with it winds up to 94 mph.

Please visit for updates on the status of closures at these facilities.

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After seeing the devastation caused by this storm at the Waukegan port, I have a new found respect for Mother Nature. Fishing however, remains excellent within just a few miles of the harbor.

We were camping at Illinois Beach State Park campground the evening of June 30th.
I am absolutely amazed no serious injuries occured. Kudos to ALL of the staff, volunteer and full time, for the awesome job they did making sure all the campers were safe and accounted for. When the storm warnings expired we were evacuated to the large beach parking lot. It may not have been comfortable or convient but it was the safe thing to do.

Some of the boat people, so to speak, told me horrific tales from that night, the kind of storm to inspire awe and respect.

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