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IHSA bass fishing: Chicago rankings

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As somebody who has two great threads in my writing career--preps and outdoors--the Illinois state championship for high school bass fishing merges both.

So doing a ranking of bass fishing teams just makes me happy.

Click here to read the rankings of Chicago area teams going into the state championship this weekend on Carlyle Lake.

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don't know the URL so maybe this won;t go through. Just wanted to know how you ranked them. Total catch??

Frank. Good question. Seven Chicago-area sectional champs were ranked in the top 10. WWS was an easy No. 1. Made it all three years, repeat champs of the brutal Busse sectional. HC not only won Tampier, the toughest sectional, but qualified both boats. Though not sectional champs, Streamwood and Sandburg qualified every year so far. Minooka took 10th for advancing back to back years. That was the biggest internal debate for me, because Wolf Lake champ Grant Park, if ranked should have been No. 2. But because of their location I did not include them. But I think Grant Park has a chance to be in the title hunt.

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