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Wild asparagus: Year's first

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After church today, I had the call, much to the consternation of my family.


And I took the family on an extended Sunday drive around some back roads.

Boy, did it pay off. I don't know what happened, but we found wild asparagus all over the place. I never even checked my surest spot.

We added enough new spots that I need to make a rough map to remember all them.

But, and it's a big but, something happened in the last week. I guess because of the four days of 80s and 90s, most of the asparagus we found was already well into being woody and flowering.

And most of the spots I checked, somebody had already been there and cutting.

I stopped so often my wife finally suggested that maybe I need to remember this next year and just walk the back roads and look.

One of her better ideas.

The little bit of eatable asparagus we found (above) was intensely flavorful, so tasty I think my wife even forgave me slightly for all the driving around.

To make things better, after a completely useless week for morels, I hound one this afternoon.

It kind of made up for a Sunday in the 40s with spits of rain and an evil north wind doing no good spring things.

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