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Morels: The Meal

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A few bites in, I remembered I wanted a photo.


Good supper tonight. My wife had to take the middle two to a 4-H meeting, so the 6-year-old and I had supper together after Tee-ball practice.

Since he helped gather the morels the last few days, I made them tonight. Truth be told, he only sampled them.

His joy comes in finding them. And he has truly become a monster at finding morels. In the last three days, we have found 19.

So I sauted them in olive oil and butter with garlic, then simmered briefly with a splash of red wine. Salted them just before plating.

Served it up slices of frend bread and Redwood Creek Malbec. He sampled them, then ate his calzone and left the plate of morels and French bread for me.

The pairing worked. The meal was simple but wonderful. Wonderful enough, that I sopped my plate with the bread until the last bit was gone.

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