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Midwest Fishing Report: A note

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Considering the weather that rolled through the past few days--tornadic storms, high winds, thunderstorms, heavy rain, snow, cold--I am not doing an extended online Midwest Fishing Report this week.

Click here for the usual compact report that runs each Wednesday in the Sun-Times and on-line in sports.

I would note if the weather allows, the perch off Gary Light are still there and should be a high point on good-weather days. Even heard of a few shoreline reports of keeper perch at Montrose.

When weather allows, the coho are outstanding around southern Lake Michigan, particularly in Indiana waters. That should start working its way north.

The other note is that ice or open water is in that in between period with both in northern Wisconsin.

Depending how conditions look or what I hear, I may update some things on Friday with WWW Chicago outdoors post for Easter weekend.

Otherwise, I also do an Illinois fishing report for Heartland Outdoors on Thursdays. So that will include some updates after a couple days of calmer weather.

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Before the rain came, over the weekend quite a few Fox River anglers braved being blown into the river and were doing all right, though all complained about the wind. Some are already out there fishing the flowing mud colored river.

I think with so much accessible shore line, Fox anglers may be the least likely to stop fishing when conditions turn to crap. River came up 4 feet? No problem, I’ll go fish the wall in Geneva, Batavia, Aurora, the long shore in Montgomery and on and on.

Next time, you should at least run the Fox River reports. I believe you had a couple :-)

There is a rumor someone caught a 14 pound walleye on the Kankakee recently. It was on the Chi-Town angler web site. Have you heard anything?37j433

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